How long the new gold price boom might last??


- HM

5/24/20231 min read

gold and black metal tool
gold and black metal tool

Business sector national banks are

reflecting the rush to gold by the top

of the world's economy. It got headlines

and attention that 1,135 tons were

purchased by national banks in 2022,

the most in 08 decades.

Consequently, gold has been hovering

near its ostensible all-time high of $2,066 per official ounce

- the conventional measure of valuable metals - since late Walk.

Additionally, non-industrial nations are becoming stronger against the US dollar.

Theorists, or gold bugs, are holding their breath in anticipation of another record-breaking result.

In monetary business sectors, gold is demonstrating a serious level of dread.

With the exception of individual financial backers, the rise in gold has, to a limited extent, been driven by a global shift away from the dollar.

a cell phone displaying a stock chart on the screen
a cell phone displaying a stock chart on the screen